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The Surprising Thing Our Customers Want to Buy Right Now

Dresses are making a comeback, inching their way into our top-seller lists and popping back up as an item our customers are frequently searching for.

By Madeleine Kim

Each week, our team takes some time to look into what our customers are searching for, so we can make sure we’re providing you with what you need—whether that means designing new products, providing more styling guidance for certain pieces, or updating our website to make everything easy to find. And in this week’s meeting, something caught my attention: Dresses were making a comeback, inching their way into our top-seller lists and popping back up as an item our customers were frequently searching for. Call me a cynic, but I hadn’t expected the sweatpant era to dwindle so soon, and the Return of the Dress took me by surprise.

In retrospect, I get it. The sun has been making an appearance lately. People are getting vaccinated. Summer is on the brain. The desire to wear dresses again is a sign of optimism, and I’m here for it. Here are the top five types of dresses our customers have searched for.


Summer Dresses & Sundresses

Personally, when I think sundress, I think: Would I wear this to a picnic? The styles that make the cut must be light and breathable (I like to sit on the sunny side of the blanket), machine-washable (red wine is always invited to my picnics), and comfortable (plus full-coverage) enough to sit in, on the ground, for at least an hour. The Lara dress in our eco-concious crepe—a material made from sustainably managed wood fibers—checks all these boxes. For something brighter, the Jane dress in hibiscus is known for working well on all body types and recently snuck its way into our list of top sellers. More of a patterns person? Try the Inez dress in mosaic for some artistic inspiration.


T-Shirt Dresses

I guess this one isn’t actually all that surprising. Many of us have been living in T-shirts for the past year, so it only makes sense that we’d turn to T-shirt dresses to spring-ify our wardrobes. The Hayden dress in canyon combines two key elements: an easy silhouette and a super-soft knit (plus, this color looks good on everyone). For something a bit lighter, the petite-friendly Maaza and Sarah dresses are excellent options. Pair any of these with sneakers and a casual jacket for an effortless spring look.


Work Dresses

This one made me happy. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen declining interest in the tailored, structured styles that you think of when you hear “work dresses.” So I’m taking this as a sign of end-of-pandemic optimism and a hopeful indication that more and more women are returning to work. If you don’t already own the Katie dress, that would be an excellent place to start. A longtime fan favorite, it’s currently on sale for $50—wild! In other can’t-miss-sale news, the Aditi dress in crackle is a power dress that goes with everything. Or, you could go for the Etsuko dress, an M.M. classic that one customer lovingly coined her “Monday-morning savior.”


White Dresses

There’s something so optimistic about wearing a white dress. It feels, in the words of author Nadia Owusu, like “the beginning of a story.” If you’d like the story of your day to be a fairytale, reach for the billowy Medina dress in porcelain, which has a kind of off-duty-princess vibe. If you prefer something a little slinkier, the Dylan dress in pearl is your girl. Or, try the Lindsay dress in sea salt, whose story could start at a polite garden party and end on a rowdy roller coaster—or something. You control the narrative.


Special-Occasion Dresses

I’m not sure when all my friends will be vaccinated, but when that day comes, it will be a special occasion for the ages, and you better believe I’ll be dressing the part. The James dress is a strong contender, thanks to its twirly skirt, stretchy fabric, and sexy silhouette. But I’m also considering the Demi jumpsuit, which is basically a dress with more dance move possibilities. Or perhaps I’ll go for the vibrant Taylor dress in Klein blue to match the skies above, which will almost certainly be clear and bright.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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