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How to Get a Wardrobe You Love in 1 Hour

Putting care into what you wear is a gift you give yourself.

By Madeleine Kim

This March, we introduced virtual appointments to give our customers access to our signature personal-styling experience without actually being, well, in person. We knew our customers would love these appointments, but we had no idea how much. So far, our incredible stylists have spent over 350 hours styling women from 39 states, all with different preferences, dress codes, and wardrobe needs. And after hearing their stories, I’ve come to believe that every woman should try working with a personal stylist at least once—especially if she can do it from the comfort of her couch. 

Personal styling is a useful tool that can make your life easier—but it’s also really fun. And for my fellow introverts, working with a stylist over Zoom can be less intimidating than doing it in person. Either way, the sense of confidence you gain from working with an expert stylist who really knows their stuff is beyond worth it. I should also mention that our stylists aren’t just really, really good at their jobs. They’re also kind, funny, easy-to-talk-to humans who are delightful to interact with. And really, couldn’t we all use a friendly face right now? Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Here are four reasons you should book your virtual styling session right now.

Your Wardrobe Needs Have Shifted

If you’re working from home or between jobs, your day-to-day wardrobe probably looks pretty different than it did six months ago. But you should still be able to wear the pieces that make you feel like your best self. M.M. stylist Chris says that the question he hears most frequently during virtual appointments is, “How can I make what I already own feel more casual?” Whether you’re looking to make a complete wardrobe overhaul or just want new outfit pairings for your favorite T-shirt, adopting a few tips from an expert will make your mornings that much easier.

You Don’t Have Time to Think About Clothes

For many women, life during the pandemic has been busier than ever. And between finding screen-free activities for the kids, planning your grocery list, and taking the dog out for the third time that day, you still need to make yourself look presentable for video calls. By spending an hour working with a stylist to nail down a wardrobe plan, you’ll ultimately save time and mental energy down the line. According to stylist Joanna, a fan-favorite outfit combo has been the Nejvi top paired with the Zhou culottes and Irene slingbacks (for heel-lovers) or Rowan flats (for the flat-shoe-inclined). “The whole outfit is machine-washable and incredibly versatile,” she explains. “Having a go-to look that’s elevated but still comfortable and easy to care for can be a game-changer when you’re working with a packed schedule.” 

Also, having someone to answer your wardrobe questions in real-time can take the stress out of shopping and, ultimately, getting dressed in the morning. “I’ve worked with quite a few customers who say they enjoy the experience because it allows them to ask questions about pieces they’ve always wanted to try,” says stylist Briana. After one of her recent appointments, Briana’s customer shared that working with her is the reason she’s been able to look presentable every day—even from home.

You’ll Learn How to Pull Off New Styles

Working with a stylist can help you see clothing in a new light. “Many customers have mentioned that they enjoy seeing M.M. pieces through the lens of a stylist and having an expert suggest pieces they might not have noticed before,” says Chris. Our styling team will help you push the boundaries of what you think you can pull off, while always staying true to your personal style. Joanna adds that many of the women she’s worked with will see a piece and say, “I could never wear that!” Her response? “Of course you can—it’s just a matter of styling it to fit your needs and personality.”

You Deserve It

Building a wardrobe that makes you feel good is a beautiful form of self-care—and a confidence-booster. “One of the most fulfilling virtual appointments I’ve had was with a customer who works in the medical field,” says Joanna. “She’s been working hard through the pandemic and hasn’t shopped for clothes in a few years. She scheduled the appointment because she wanted to add some color to her wardrobe but was having trouble with fit. By the end of our session, she ended up with five vibrant new outfits, and a week later, she sent me photos showing off how amazing she looked (and felt!). She even mentioned that her coworkers—who never comment on her outfits—said she looked great.” At the end of the day, putting care into what you wear is a gift you give yourself—and it just might help you professionally, too. Another customer who worked with Joanna summed it up perfectly: “The styling session made me feel so special, and I think these outfits will help me move forward in the workplace.”

Book a virtual styling session now. 

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Senior Brand Associate at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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