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MM in the News: The Wall Street Journal Says Online Retailers Can Predict Your Perfect Outfit

Today is a big day in MM.LaFleur history—and we’re feeling quite chuffed indeed. In today’s Wall Street Journal, writer Erin Geiger Smith discusses the myriad ways in which online retailers can predict customers’ preferences and help create their perfect wardrobes. And guess who is leading the pack!?

MM.LaFleur in the Wall Street Journal

Contents of an MM.LaFleur Bento™ Box. Photo by Danny Kim for the Wall Street Journal.

From the article: “I think we found this really sweet spot in between truly personal and somewhat removed,” says Narie Foster, New York-based MM.LaFleur’s chief operating officer, of the questionnaire her site asks shoppers to fill out. “In that sweet spot, people are extremely honest.”

That honesty helps MM stylists create a custom Bento Box for each customer. Today, the Bento is having its moment.

MM.LaFleur in the Wall Street Journal

MM.LaFleur’s Bento Box, containing the brand’s Wear to Work clothing guide. Photo by Danny Kim for the Wall Street Journal.

We’re so excited to share this milestone with all the MM women out there. Thank you for taking this ride with us and for your unending support!

Read the full article here, and try our Bento for yourself

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