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The Weekly Wind-Down

June 12, 2015

Summer is definitely here, and for some reason, everyone in our office is deathly ill. Here are a few links to help us all crash-land into the weekend. And don’t miss our GIF of the Week (scroll down).

These feminist humblebrags made us laugh.

According to your Myers-Briggs personality type, this is where you should live.

Up your sartorial game with these 6 pieces.

Does money matter? The HBS class of ’63 weighs in.

Everyone’s talking about what makes a woman.

An unexpected summer print.

John Oliver’s takedown of the fast-fashion industry is worth watching.

This is what one guy’s heart looked like when he proposed.

Hillary just joined Instagram (and started selling these crazy shirts).

Summer calls for pink lipstick—lots of it.


GIF of the Week

3 dogs

Get involved. Courtesy of Cute Emergency.

Read last week’s Wind-Down.

Share this post. We dare you.

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