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The Weekly Wind-Down: She Sheds, Lobster Rolls, and ’80s Movies

July 10, 2015

Here’s what we’re doing this weekend: nothing. It’s been a long, balmy, post-holiday week, and we’re ready to put the brakes on in a serious way—starting with a few of our favorite links from around the web. You too?

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we need a She Shed immediately.

This guided meditation makes sense to us.

The FUG Girls give good advice.

Nutrition fads for normal people.

And speaking of green juice

An easy, modern summer top.

Everyone’s talking about Aliza Licht’s new book.

Yes, celebrities are on Tinder too.

Ugh, I hate when my cucumber does this.

Weekend watching: One of the best “working woman” movies of all time was just added to Netflix.

Let them eat lobster rolls.

GIF of the Week

You're doing great.

You’re doing great.

Ready for more? Read last week’s Wind-Down, and have a delightful weekend.

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