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The Weekly Wind-Down: Famous Road Trips and Advice from Amelia Earhart

July 24, 2015

The nice thing about a relentless heatwave is that it provides a worthy excuse to live on ice cream, prance through open fire hydrants, and simply lounge about like a baby sloth. That’s what we’ll be doing this weekend—along with reading these links.

Detailed maps of famous literary road trips.

Real talk about marriage.

An introvert’s guide to thriving in an office.

Amelia Earhart’s sage advice to her sister.

The most recognizable voice in New York.

On finding the perfect fit.

How to pack like Joan Didion. And speaking of Didion-esque pieces…

The prettiest cornflower-blue summer work dress.

A scrumptious-looking grilled corn salad.

How to dress for work when it’s hot as…

Limited Too is back! Those were the days.

How do we get in on this game?

Bopping to this song while we wait for the weekend to commence.

GIF of the Week

Goat Jump

Ready for more? Read last week’s Wind-Down, and have a bodacious weekend.

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