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Ask a Stylist: What Should I Pack for a Six-day Business Trip?

Customer question: Help! I’m going on a six-day business trip with just a carry-on. What should I pack?

MM.LaFleur stylist Casey says: When you travel for work, it’s all about getting the most outfits out of the fewest pieces—without compromising your style. Choose items that are comfortable, that pack well (i.e., wrinkle-resistant), and that can be easily mixed-and-matched. Here is my go-to list: six core pieces, six days.

A – Lydia Dress

B – Morandi Sweater

C – Dietrich Jacket

D – Winfrey Top

E – Thatcher Shirt

F – Soho Skirt


business travel

Day 1: B + D + F

Hop on the plane in a soft jersey top and matching skirt that will still look fresh after a long flight. Even better: Pair them with a sweater that triples as a jacket and blanket.

business trip

Day 2: A + C

Let them make no mistake: You’ve arrived. Spring into action in a power jacket and versatile dress that set a purposeful tone for the week ahead.

business trip

Day 3: D + F + Scarf

Ease into day three in an outrageously comfortable skirt and matching top (hello, Italian jersey). Top off the look with a classy silk scarf.

business trip

Day 4: C + E + F

Ready to close that deal? Step up your sartorial game with a silky blouse, stretchy skirt, and a sharp jacket.

business trip

Day 5: A + Scarf + Belt

Treat your clients (or hey, yourself) to dinner in a sophisticated sheath dress with a silk scarf and belt worn in an unexpected way.

business trip

Day 6: B + E + F

Breeze through your final breakfast meeting in a professional shirt and easy skirt. Then throw on a comfy sweater when you head to the airport.

Shop Casey’s complete packing list here.

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