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6 Things We’re Not Doing This Holiday Season

November 30, 2018 | Filed in: Your Brain

If there ever was a time of year to cut yourself some slack, it’s now—whether it’s giving yourself permission to ditch that holiday party, enjoy that second slice of cake, or outsource all your holiday shopping (seriously—that’s what we’re here for). We recently rounded up a few team members for a festive night in, and asked what they’re giving themselves permission to skip this holiday season. 

1. Holiday Shopping

Hailey wears the Hailey dress (her namesake!) and the Valentina necklace.

“I’m very excited to take a pass on holiday shopping for my family. I haven’t turned into Scrooge—this year, my family has decided to skip gift-giving and go on a trip together. My parents picked the location (Hawaii), and my siblings and I are each in charge of planning something to do once we’re there. Instead of stressing over which scarf my sister-in-law might want, I’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration for what to do in Hawaii. I’m currently leaning towards swimming with dolphins (don’t tell my brothers—it’s a surprise).”

—Hailey, Content Coordinator

2. Sunday Plans

Lani wears the Audrey sweater and the Mejia pant.

“I kind of love all the logistics of planning gifts and holiday travel, and the general interruption of life-as-usual that comes with this time of year. I read somewhere that the holiday season is a time for taking stock, organizing, and making plans, and that really resonates with me. Even so, this season can get so out of control that I’m making a point of declining any invitations on Sundays, just so I can create a mini-moat of sanity for myself.”

—Lani, Junior Product Manager

3. Train Station Stress

Erica wears the Marguerite top, the Suffolk skirt, and the Notched belt.

“I’m so excited to avoid the unhappiest place on earth this year: the Amtrak waiting area in Penn Station. I’m splurging on a rental car to drive to Boston to visit my mom for the holidays. This is the first time in several years that I live close enough to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas with her—no crowded train station needed.”

—Erica, Professional Development, Experience Operations

4. The Inbox of Doom

Jenny wears the Charmaine dress and the Chayanee sweater.

“I’m going to Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau for two weeks over the holidays, and I’m looking forward to not answering any emails. Usually when I’m out of office, I set my auto-reply to something like, ‘I currently have limited access to email and will get back to you as soon as possible.’ The truth is, I’ll have my iPhone with me at all times, but I’m declaring the holidays a time to unplug. My out-of-office reply this year will be: ‘I’m currently on vacation, and I look forward to being in touch when I’m back in the office in 2019. Cheers!’”

—Jenny, Creative Merchandising Coordinator

5. Big City Crowds

Shelby wears the Nanette dress.

“I usually have friends visit me in New York over the holidays, but this year I’m going to Miami with my sister to visit our mom and her side of the family. I’ll miss seeing my friends, but I won’t miss being dragged to the holiday market at Herald Square where we’re surrounded by a million people. Instead of braving the Christmas market crowds, I’ll be sitting in the sun and feasting on Cuban food.”

—Shelby, Senior Associate of Product Insights

6. And Finally, Skipping Snow (But Embracing Everything Else)

Adriana wears the Babette blazer, the Lagarde shirt, and the Abbott trouser.

“December is my favorite month of the year, so it’s difficult to answer this question because I love everything about the holidays. I am excited to not stay home and do nothing. I am excited to not spend time alone. I am excited to not have enough time to buy all the Christmas gifts. I am excited to avoid the snow in New York, though—I’ll be in tropical weather at home in Venezuela.”

—Adriana, Technical Designer

Photographs by Christine Han. Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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