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What to Wear to the Only 2020 Event Worth Dressing Up For

Election day is this year’s can’t-miss event. We’ll see you there.

By Madeleine Kim

Believe it or not, the election is less than three weeks away. First things first: If you haven’t nailed down your voting plan—and made sure your friends and family have done the same—do that now.

I’ll give you a few minutes.

Done? Great. Now, we get to move on to an admittedly less important (but definitely more fun) task: planning your election-day outfit. After all, if any event in 2020 is worth dressing up for, it’s this.

Even if you’ve already cast your ballot or plan to vote absentee, you can still get into the election-day spirit by putting on an outfit that makes you feel your best. Here’s what you should wear on election day.

Not sure if your mail-in ballot made it? Check online—and then celebrate with sparkles.

Handing your ballot off to the post office can feel strange if you’re used to voting in person. Luckily, most states allow you to track your mail-in ballot so you can make sure your voice is heard. Once you see that your ballot has been delivered, celebrate by pulling on the stretchy, sparkly Harlem skirt in gold, the ribbed Brodie top, and some knit booties. (Note: This outfit is best enjoyed with a glass of champagne.)

Already voted in person? You’re ahead of the game. Wear something cozy as you help others do the same.

Rejoice! You’ve done your civic duty a little early. You deserve to bundle up in something cozy and reliable, like the embroidered Luan sweater, the Rogala stretch culottes, and some cashmere socks. Now that you’re nice and comfortable, why not take a few minutes to make sure every American gets to experience that just-voted feeling? Phone or text bank, write letters to voters, or reach out to your network and offer to answer their questions about voting.


Ready to hit the polls on November 3? Gear up with movement-friendly pieces and smart layers.

I truly hope you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes to cast your ballot, but you should prepare for a little standing in line so you won’t be caught off guard. Opt for an outfit that’s put-together but comfortable, like the Hockley jeans and Leslie Rally tee with a pair of supportive sneakers. Depending on where in the country you live, you may want to add some layers. The stretchy Merritt jardigan, elegant Jensen trench, and cashmere Circle Cable gloves will keep you feeling cozy and confident.


See you at the polls!

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