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#inmyMM: Five Phenomenal Women and Where They Wear Their MM

October 05, 2017 | Filed in: Humans of MM

There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our customers about the amazing things they’re doing in their MM—whether it be acing a job interview, taking their company public, or spontaneously striking crow pose in the office (yes, our fabrics are that stretchy). Below, five phenomenal women share some of their #betterthingstodo while wearing their MM.

Beth DuFault, Professor of Marketing at SUNY Albany

Beth wears the Bee shirt (and some snazzy coveralls).

What are you up to in your MM? This photo was taken in Newfoundland, where I was doing background research on how disparate communities survive and thrive after great cultural change and subsequent economic difficulty. I went out to sea in the North Atlantic in a tiny open boat, and learned how to hand-fish cod sustainably in the traditional technique. I baited a huge hook, dropped the line over the side of the boat, hooked a 4’ long fish, and pulled it in hand over hand, no reel. I made fish tacos with the filets I took home.

Why did you choose this piece for the occasion? This trip to Newfoundland was part of an extended work trip that also took me to California, Oregon, Boston, and Nova Scotia. I packed for two months in one carry-on, and the Bee shirt with jeans was my go-to casual outfit. For the fishing excursion, I wore the Bee so I could move freely and be totally comfortable, while still looking put together when out of the coveralls. The sleeves got quite salty, and I was away from laundry facilities, but was able to wash the top out in my sink with shampoo, then dry it over the bathtub. It turned out perfectly and continued on my travels with me.

What are your #betterthingstodo than shop? Playing piano and binge-reading Jane Austen (not necessarily at the same time).

Erin McCusker, Senior Program Officer at a Nonprofit

Erin wears the Etsuko dress while in China (left) and the Deneuve 3.0 top while in India (right).

What are you up to in your MM? I work for a large nonprofit foundation in a division focused on improving sanitation conditions for people around the world. My time is spent working with partners, understanding their needs, and acting as a liaison between them and the foundation. In these photos, I was meeting with potential partners to see firsthand how waste is treated at their sites. Some sites are industrial and use heavy machinery, hence the mask and hard hat—luckily, both pair beautifully with my Etsuko!

Why did you choose these pieces for the occasion? As a liaison between partners and the foundation, my job is to make everyone feel comfortable, and part of that is looking polished and professional. The people I work with range from low-income teams at facilities to high-level board members of potential partners. I go for simple, tailored outfits that look corporate without appearing too flashy. In China, I opted for the Etsuko because it’s an easy, one-and-done piece, and has proven to be incredibly sweat-proof: One day we were in record-breaking heat, and everyone around me was literally dripping. There I was, without a drop of perspiration, in my Etsuko. Everyone was like, “What are you, you don’t even sweat?” Everyone assumed I was calm, cool, and collected despite the heat, and all I could say was, “It’s the dress!”

What are your #betterthingstodo than shop? Helping everyone see their role in solving global challenges, and changing the way people think about sanitation.

Poh Teng, Technical Writer and Part-Time Yoga Instructor

Poh wears the Winfrey top and the Nolita skirt.

What are you up to in your MM? My full-time job is at a biotech company in the San Francisco Bay area, and I teach yoga part-time. I always say, I have my full-time job to make a living, but I have yoga to make a life. This photo was taken for my website, where I post five-minute sequences people can do as little breaks in their day. People come to me and say they have stressful days but don’t have time to go to full yoga classes; they want a yoga practice they can do anywhere without a mat or change of clothing. My hope is to create a mini practice people can do no matter where they are.

Why did you choose this piece for the occasion? The jersey fabric of these pieces is soft and stretchy, and the outfit makes me feel steady, at ease, strong, and like my authentic self. I always tell my clients to be comfortable, even when practicing in the office—high heels obviously complicate things! In classes, I insert little tips throughout the practice to help yoga feel attainable and accessible. When we do a certain pose, I’ll say, “You can do this pose in a skirt; I’ve done it in a skirt.” If I’m teaching a corporate yoga class, we practice forward folds that you can do while sitting in a chair at your desk. All you need is five minutes—it doesn’t matter what clothes you’re wearing or if you have a yoga mat.

What are your #betterthingstodo than shop? Anything that involves going outside.

Robin Mama, Dean of the School of Social Work at Monmouth University, NJ

Robin wears the Aditi 2.0 dress.

What are you up to in your MM? This photo was taken in the Monmouth University Community Garden in New Jersey, which is one of our projects. Community members can grow their own produce (everything from kale to watermelons to pumpkins) and we also have programs that focus on gardening, sustainability, and wellness. Here, I was giving a tour to some folks who came out for our “Garden to Table” lecture that featured dinner prepared by a local chef. The menu that night included grilled flatbread with summer squash, tomato Caprese salad, and dressed summer greens—delicious.

Why did you choose this piece for the occasion? I knew I wanted a comfortable, professional dress that would take me from a morning meeting at the United Nations to the evening in the garden. The Aditi fits very well, and I’ve received more compliments about it than any of my other dresses—maybe it’s because the persimmon color is great with my gray hair!

What are your #betterthingstodo than shop? Reading and quilting. I’m currently making a quilt for my son (who just bought his first condo) made out of his childhood T-shirts that he couldn’t bear to part with.

Christine Perez, Regulatory Policy Director for the American College of Cardiology (ACC)

Christine (right) wears the Maxwell dress, and her friend Amy (left) wears the Nisa dress.

What are you up to in your MM? This photo was taken at ACC’s Legislative Conference in D.C. The ACC is a nonprofit organization that works with physicians dedicated to heart health. My job consists of reading pages (and pages, and pages) of federal regulations, figuring out what they mean for our members, providing education on these policies, and advocating for our members and their patients. This conference is an annual event where we fly over 400 of our members to D.C. so they can go to Capitol Hill and speak to their senators and representatives about issues that are most important to cardiovascular care.

Why did you choose this piece for the occasion? The conference schedule is always packed: It starts with early morning meetings and ends with a dinner event. I needed an outfit that could go from day to night and would be extremely comfortable—I hate feeling stuffy in a full suit. I also knew that in between events, I’d be running around helping to set up and holding impromptu meetings, so the pockets on the dress were crucial for holding my phone, notes, and business cards. Finally, to be completely honest, I had a suspicion that my friend Amy would be wearing her MM that day and thought that there may be a fun opportunity to have a twin picture.

What are your #betterthingstodo than shop? Drinking wine with my friends and spending lazy days with my dog.

We’d love to hear: What do you do in your MM? Comment below or let us know on social media using #inmyMM.

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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