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Yes, We Made a “Suit” for Working from Home

“Power suit” takes on new meaning when you’re not going to the office.

By Madeleine Kim

What’s the point of a power suit when you’re not going anywhere? As the pandemic rages on, many offices are extending work-from-home timelines through the New Year and beyond. And as someone whose job frequently involves writing about clothes meant for the office, I’ve found myself wondering how those of us working remotely can get that same confident, outfit-on-point feeling—without sacrificing the level of comfort we expect when we’re at home. 

The answer? We don’t need to toss out the idea of a power suit—we just need to rethink what a power suit looks like for our current lifestyle. And to me, the 2020 version of a power suit is M.M.’s cashmere sweatsuit: the Judith hoodie and Keely joggers. Crafted from the softest cashmere, this set is, unsurprisingly, insanely comfortable. But it’s more than that. Wearing our jogger set makes you feel elegant, confident, and taken care of. It’s like getting a hug that helps you believe, at least for a second, that everything is going to be okay. And, in a year like 2020, that alone is powerful. (Plus, you don’t even have to dry clean it.) Here’s how our Brand Stylist, Nyjerah, recommends wearing our cashmere sweatsuit, modeled by our Performance Marketing Manager, Amanda. 

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The Hoodie-Under-Blazer Look

Call it dressing up your hoodie, or call it dressing down your blazer—we’re not picky. Either way, a boyfriend blazer layered over a cashmere hoodie has all the necessary ingredients for the ideal 2020 outfit: extreme coziness, Zoom-ready polish, and the feeling that you’re getting away with something. Pair these pieces with the Rogala stretch culottes and Lana boots to ensure that everything touching your body is stretchy and knitted.

The Grown-Up Onesie Look

The 2020 version of a dress with pumps and a blazer? A jumpsuit with sneakers and a cashmere hoodie. The Demi offers all the ease and versatility of a little black dress, but it’s way better for lounging (and high kicking, should you need to). There are a couple of ways you can style the Judith hoodie with the Demi jumpsuit, depending on which vibe you’re going for. Roll up your sleeves and add some big earrings for a polished look, or pull on the hood teenager-style for an irreverent weekend look.

The Upgraded Sweatsuit Look

If we’re going to be stuck at home in our sweats, we’re going to opt for the buttery soft, most luxurious, cashmeriest cashmere version of sweats. You too? Make the Keely joggers + Judith hoodie your go-to. Lately, we’ve been wearing these pieces with the Didion top, which is our elevated (but still machine-washable) version of a T-shirt. Whatever 2021 brings, we’ll be wearing this outfit long past New Year’s Day.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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