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The Woman Behind the Vest: Meet YuLim

September 21, 2017 | Filed in: Your Closet

YuLim is cool, and so is her namesake vest. As one of our customer logistics analysts, YuLim helps keep our fulfillment center running smoothly—and she’s known around MM for her great sense of style. When it came to choosing a namesake piece, YuLim (the human) didn’t hesitate. The vest she chose is crafted from a soft, luxurious wool-cashmere blend that features a sleek stripe pattern, flattering sash at the waist, and side vents that add a modern edge. 

“I don’t normally wear vests, but the fact that this was a new kind of style both for MM and for me made me want to wear it. I wanted my namesake piece to be unique.”

At 5’3”, YuLim gravitates towards petite-friendly pieces, and the length of the vest initially worried her: “When I first saw it, I thought there was no way I could wear it because it looked long. When I put it on though, I was pleasantly surprised. It hits below my knee, but the vertical stripes make for an elongating effect. The tie at the waist creates definition around the hips, which actually makes me feel taller. Also, the high slits allow for more mobility, and I don’t feel constricted when I move around.”

When she’s not at work, you’ll find YuLim sipping rosé (her favorite restaurant: Barbuto) or wandering through an art gallery (her favorite museum: the Whitney)—activities she plans to do in her namesake vest. Read on to see how she wears it.

Look 1: Streamlined and Monochrome

YuLim wears the Lydia dress in galaxy blue and her namesake vest.

How to wear it: “This look is right up my alley: I love dresses, and wear a lot of outfits that combine similar shades. The color of the Lydia complements the color of the vest so that you get this nice monochrome effect, but the stripes break up the blue-on-blue. Wearing the vest open shows off the dress underneath.”

Look 2: Classic and Sharp

YuLim wears the Deneuve 3.0 top in rain cloud, the Foster pant in dark navy, and her namesake vest.

How to wear it: “This look offers full coverage without feeling heavy. I tied the vest closed in the front to add definition at the waist and show off the angled lapels. The color of the top picks up on the stripes of the vest and makes them pop. And honestly, I’d be happy wearing anything with the Foster pants—they’re so comfortable.”

Look 3: Tailored and Fresh

YuLim wears the Zora top in ivory, the Greenpoint skirt in russet, and her namesake vest.

How to wear it: “Of the three outfits, this one feels the most adventurous—exactly why I like it. The color palette is unexpected, but the combination really works: The tones feel very ‘fall.’ Wearing a turtleneck under a sleeveless piece feels fresh; it’s not a look I would typically think to wear.”

Questions about how to style this vest? Click here to chat with an MM stylist. 

Photographs by Yan Ruan.

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Alexandra Johnson is an editorial associate at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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