The Sant Ambroeus Jardigan with Travel Pouch


Color: Black
Size: XS


Perfect for Travel
Day To Night

This jacket cardigan is fitted to the shoulders and creates a close shape. We recommend following the size guide to match with your dress size.

Size S is approximately 21 1/2 " long from shoulder to hem.

  • Fit: Tailored
  • Body Type: Petite-friendly
  • Sleeve length: Long Sleeve
  • Bottom length: Short

This MM classic has the structure of a jacket but the softness of a cardigan. In other words, it’s a jardigan! Perfect for busy travelers, it's made from a wrinkle-resistant blend and comes with its own handy travel pouch (made from the same luxe material). Roll this versatile knit up and throw it in your carry-on, or keep it at your desk for last-minute meetings.For a slightly longer version of this style, check out the Woolf.

  • 88% Rayon, 10% Nylon, 2% Spandex.

  • Note: We're pleased to report that after extensive testing, we have deemed this piece hand-washable with the Laundress Delicate Wash! Because we printed the care labels before this additional testing, the tag on your garment will say that it should only be dry cleaned—you can disregard this. If you have any questions about how best to care for your garments, please reach out to us at To give your knits a long lasting life, please make sure to fold your pieces rather than putting them on a hanger.