Our Favorite Fall Fabric

Our sharkskin material is practical, sophisticated, and now in our elegant garnet hue. Scroll for outfit inspiration and more details about what makes our sharkskin designs special.

Styling Inspiration

O'Hara Blazer

Menswear-inspired yet fiercely feminine; right on trend yet classic and timeless—the O’Hara is full of contradictions in the best way. Let its impeccable tailoring shine by keeping the rest of your outfit simple.

Hadley Pant

Create a relaxed yet polished look by combining the elegant Hadley trousers with a tee, sneakers, and simple hoop.

Mejia Pant

An old favorite in a new fabric, the Mejias are a great base for creative accessorizing. Play with texture and pattern throughout the rest of your ensemble to subtly stand out.

Dawn Top

For a fashion-forward combo, reach for the architectural Dawn top, wide-leg pants, and sharp accessories.

Melrose Skirt

Mix the Melrose skirt with similar tones to achieve a chic fall palette.

Kelsey Dress

Pair the dramatic hemline of the Kelsey dress with equally elevated accessories if you like more formality.

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