What Our Stylists Are Wearing

Joanna’s Picks

This is my go-to WFH look mainly because the Curie pant is such a versatile style. I also love the Luan sweater because it’s simple in silhouette yet unique with its sleeve detail and vibrant color. I rely on my O'Hara blazer to make this outfit a bit more formal for Zoom calls, and sometimes I slip it on just to feel extra chic in my apartment.

Lindsey’s Picks

Our relaxed, classic cashmere balances a formal, fashion-forward skirt like the Melrose. I’ve already gotten so much use out of each piece throughout the last month. I wear the McKenzie on the weekends with a comfy pair of pants, and I’ve already paired the Melrose with pieces for both warm and cold weather.

Briana’s Picks

The Sophie sweater is both luxurious enough for winter and vibrant enough to brighten your mood. Its medallion color contrasts perfectly with a classic ivory shirt, dark blue jeans, and simple hoops. This has been my hop-on-a-meeting-then-run-to-Target outfit lately.

Flaka’s Picks

If you’re like me and feel like you sometimes experience all four seasons in one autumn day, I have some good news. My solution is pairing the Zhou culotte with the O’Hara blazer; you’re guaranteed to look good and feel comfortable. Note to self: Don’t forget to add tights if you’re in a particularly cold climate.

Chris’s Picks

Whether you’re working from home or heading back into the office, your dress code has probably shifted to be slightly more casual. With colder weather in full swing, you can't go wrong with a relaxed sweater, elevated pair of jeans, and a playful shoe + earring combo to pull everything together.

Twayla’s Picks

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m making an effort to close out the year on a positive note. Comfort has been key for me staying sane during this chaotic year, and I love a non-black monochromatic look to stand out just a bit. My goal is to look chic while celebrating holidays and also feel confident having that extra piece of pie.

Jazmine’s Picks

I'm a tall and somewhat curvy girl, so the Tinsley trousers are absolute perfection for me since I struggle with pants reaching my preferred length. The Tinsleys are also insanely comfortable due to the light twill fabric. To balance their wider leg, I tend to go for a more fitted top like Axam tee shirt, which is an especially great tee for the colder weather. I opt for the all three pieces in black including the Lana boot—head-to-toe black is simply unbeatably flattering.


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