Kate's Picks

"We’ve just begun to experience quintessential fall weather, so I’m using this cool-but-not-cold weather as an opportunity to get creative with my layering. I’ve been using this formula lately: statement blazer + Axam turtleneck + Better Than Denim pant. A formula might seem prescriptive, but it actually leaves you time to get incredibly creative! For instance, I’ll put on my turtleneck and pant without a thought, and then I’ll take a moment to consider which non-jacket pieces I can use as an unexpected layer. Just the other day, I swapped my blazer for a silk button-down."


Dylaney's Picks

"Who doesn’t love a classic plaid? Try the double-breasted O’Hara blazer and add the lightweight Axam turtleneck, which provides an elegant silhouette along with the comfort of your favorite T-shirt. Similarly, the vegan leather Harrington legging gives your look an edge but keeps you feeling like you’re in activewear. Finish off your best-of-both-worlds look with the Lana, which has the sharp silhouette of a stiletto and the comfort of a sock boot."


Faymi's Picks

"As the autumn leaves start to turn and the air feels crisp, I love reaching for deep, rich tones to change up my wardrobe. The Kati jacket paired with the Smith pant in our neutral forest hue is a seasonal alternative to my typical all-black ensembles. For my underpinning, I prefer to select a lightweight option, like Lisey cami, in case the mid-fall day ends up warmer than expected. Finally, I finish with a pair of sleek heels to keep in theme with my streamlined, sophisticated look."


Nia's Picks

"Now that we’re getting into the colder months, my main priority is coziness—especially in the mornings when it’s coldest outside. For me, the Merritt jardigan is the ultimate Power Casual layer, and I love pairing it with my various colors of the Leslie T-shirt for the remainder of these not-freezing months. For footwear, polished sneakers are a must, and for pants, I keep going back to the surprisingly stretchy Archies in brown vegan leather."


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