The “Aestivation” by Kara Leigh Ford

Return Policy: This item cannot be returned.
Color: Black

Aestivation is the arrangement of petals in a flower bud before it opens. In this piece, it represents the potential inside all women. As soon as Kara saw the icon, it was clear to her that she needed to create a vessel for this project; a vase to hold a single flower (the idea). The modernist form, with its abstract curves and strong lines, lent itself to hand-building. She wanted the form to feel powerful yet understated and elegant. Keeping with the monochromatic theme, she chose to use a slightly textured black clay, leaving it unglazed to celebrate the texture. The interior has a transparent glaze, making it waterproof and functional. 

Black stoneware clay, twice fired in an electric kiln up to 1220 degrees centigrade. 4lbs. 27cm high x 14.5cm wide.

100% of the proceeds from this one-of-a-kind piece will benefit Women for Women UK.

About the Artist

Kara from Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics is a potter. Growing up by the sea and originally trained as a painter, Kara is inspired by the textures and colors of the ocean. Kara's pottery is designed to transport you to your favorite beach or stretch of coastline. Kara worked in the corporate world for 10 years after graduating with her degree in fine art. She gave up her day job in 2015 to become a potter full time. Kara now also teaches pottery and wrote her first book, Pottery for Beginners, in 2021. Kara works from her garden studio in Somerset, in the southwest of England.

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