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Staff Gift Picks: What MM Employees Are Getting Their Loved Ones

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We’re down to the wire for holiday shopping, but stress not. We polled our office for gifting inspiration, and found something for everyone on your list—even the hard-to-shop-for menfolks. Below, the results of our gifting brain trust (names have been changed to preserve surprises).

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For moms:

“The scarf necklace in black / ivory. It’s lightweight enough for her to wear in Florida, where she lives, and she loves a bit of sparkle. I got myself the beaded tie in the same colors, so we’ll match.” —Katie, merchandising director

“The Rivers top, because she’s always looking for interesting pieces with sleeves (she doesn’t like to show her arms). She’ll love this for New Year’s Eve, and the blue will make her eyes pop.” —Elizabeth, front end engineer

“My mom has a larger waist, which can make it hard for her to find tops. The Arbus sweater has a boxier shape, so it will look great on her.” —Michelle, photo editor

“I bought the cashmere gift bundle of hat, scarf, and socks, and I’m giving the first two to my mom—the socks are just for me.” —Andrea, stylist

The Cashmere Ribbed Hat // MM.LaFleur

The cashmere ribbed hat in vanilla and scarf in eggnog / mocha.

For boyfriends:

“A new Barbour jacket. He has one already, but it’s super beat-up and I know he doesn’t want to replace it himself.” —Carrie, product developer

“I got Legos from the Lego Architecture collection for my brother (age 27) and boyfriend (25). They’re both children at heart.” —Nancy, design associate

For in-laws:

“I got the Angelou shawl in cream for my mother-in-law. I feel it is my civic duty to help her become stylish by buying her Christmas gifts that are a little out of her comfort zone. She’ll wear them for me, so I know it’s working.” —Elizabeth, front end engineer

“My sister-in-law is a doctor in Chicago, and I got her the Toi dress in black. It’s sophisticated and versatile, good for work and parties.” —Kendra, stylist

“I’m getting my brother’s wife the Fey top. It’s super comfortable, appropriate for her office job at our family’s construction company, and will stretch as her pregnancy progresses!” —Nala, warehouse coordinator

The Fey top // MM.LaFleur

The Fey top with the Mulberry skirt in plaid and the scattered stone necklace.

For roommates:

“The Stanton cardigan in gingersnap. My roommate would never buy this color for herself, but it’s a slight twist on a neutral shade that will be really flattering on her. I also got her the wool & cashmere spray so she stops dry cleaning everything so much.” —Maddie, merchandising coordinator

“I’m giving my roommates the cashmere socks and hot chocolate packets, because our super has yet to turn on the building’s heat.” —Nancy, design associate

Cady and Stanton // MM.LaFleur

The Stanton cardigan in gingersnap.

For friends:

“I’m giving the sticky note block to my friend Jessica, because she’s a hard-working lawyer and I think it will cheer up her desk while she’s ‘cracking the code.’” —Katie, merchandising director

“I’m giving the beaded tie to my friend Molly, who shared my fourth-grade obsession with Avril Lavigne. It’s like a (much classier) throwback to the days when we borrowed ties from our dads.” —Allie, stylist

The beaded tie // MM.LaFleur

The beaded tie in red.

For husbands:

“My husband loves gadgets and wine, so I bought him a Coravin—which checks both boxes. It’s a tool that allows you to taste wine without opening the bottle, so you don’t have to drink it all at once. If I’m being honest, it’s a gift for me too.” —Mary, editorial associate

“A Beer of the Month subscription. He’ll get 12 beers (six domestic, six international) every month that come from cool microbreweries. They come with little notes about the history of the brewery and the beer, too.” —Ellie, designer

“A butchery class, and a fancy knife to go with it.” —Amanda, stylist

For brothers:

“The cashmere ribbed hat in black. It’s totally unisex, and he could use some luxury basics in his life.” —Emily, stylist

“A cool poster from Pop Chart Lab—they have really clever pictographs for almost any theme or hobby you can think of.” —Jennifer, content manager

“An intro to archery class at Gotham Archery.” —Tara, product developer

Cashmere hat in black // MM.LaFleur

The ribbed cashmere hat in black.

For dads:

“Cool work pants and a hipster Hawaiian shirt from Carhartt. He always wants to know what the kids are wearing.” —Carrie, product developer

“An online subscription to Rosetta Stone. He and my mom are both retired and traveling a lot, and I think they’ll enjoy learning new languages together.” —Gia, finance coordinator

For wives (and work wives):

“My wife lost her wedding band a couple of months ago, so I’m replacing it with a Daisy ring.” —Andrew, engineer

“I’m getting my ‘work wife’ the #BetterThingsToDo list, because she’s a compulsive list-maker.” —Zoe, stylist

For sisters:

“My youngest sister recently graduated from college, so I’m getting her the Masha dress—her work wardrobe is still in its construction phase.” —Carrie, product developer

“My older sister lives in London, so MM doesn’t ship to her—yet. I got her the Franklin shirt, the Greenpoint skirt in storm cloud, the Sant Ambroeus jardigan in black, and an Infinity scarf in charcoal. They’re all great basics that will be perfect for the private equity firm where she works.” —Diana, stylist

“I have three sisters and two daughters, and I’ve gotten stationery for all of their stockings.” —Zelda, engineer

“For my beautiful little sister who has always been able to do her makeup better than I can, I’m gifting the Minerva earrings so she has an excuse to dress up.” —Gia, finance coordinator

For grandmothers:

“I got the beaded tie in red for my grandma, age 99. She loves an element of glitz, and I always know she likes something when she says, ‘Oh, this is so different!’ Hopefully this will be unique enough for her—she’s very hard to please.” —Ellie, designer

“The Angelou shawl in lilac… the color is perfect, because she’s a Gemini through and through.” —Eleanor, stylist

“For my lovely grandma who taught me the art of a heartfelt, handwritten note, I’m gifting the greeting card set. Bonus points if she starts signing her letters, ‘YGG, Mimi.’” —Dierdre, stylist

The Angelou shawl // MM.LaFleur

The Angelou shawl in lilac.

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