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On Duty/Off Duty: Getting the Most Out of Your MM, Part 2

August 09, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

Welcome to Part 2 of our On Duty/Off Duty series, all about how to style MM pieces formally for the office and casually outside of work. Next up: The mighty Pauline puts together looks for our team member Alice. 

Alice’s On Duty Look #1: Ronda top + Woolf jardigan + Foster pant + Single Bezel necklace + Phoebe earrings

Alice wears the Ronda top in ice blue, the Woolf jardigan in taupe pearl, the Foster pant in russet, the Single Bezel necklace, and the Phoebe earrings.

Pauline: “Alice’s style is simple and easy. She loves loose clothes, so I styled her in relaxed pieces that don’t feel constricting. She doesn’t wear much color, so I wanted to push her out of her comfort zone with this top. It’s a soft shade of blue, and pairs easily with other neutrals. The jardigan and pants are in the same color family, so when you wear them together it makes a nice summer suit.”

Alice: “When I saw this outfit on the rack, I thought ‘Oh, no’, but once I tried it on, I absolutely adored it. I often wear all black and wasn’t sure how the different shades would work together, but the blue and taupe make for a nice, tonal suit—and something about this color palette is very soothing. I’m trying to branch out into other neutrals besides black, and the beige tones of the jacket and pants made me a convert.”

Alice’s Off Duty Look #1: Ronda top + white jeans + sneakers

Alice wears the Ronda top in ice blue with her own white jeans and sneakers.

Pauline: “When I’m putting together off duty looks, I like for them to feel just the right amount of ‘undone.’ Here, I did a half-tuck of the Ronda top so the outfit feels more casual—and also because half tucks are cool. Tucking in the top in front highlights Alice’s waist so that it doesn’t get lost in the looser silhouette. And if she adds an extra layer, the longer hem in the back provides a nice contrast underneath the jacket.”

Alice: “On weekends, I wear simple tees and a lot of denim. I like to mix and match my MM tops with jeans, so this look is perfect. Even though I tend to go for monochrome looks, I really love the contrasting colors here. The half-tuck elevates the outfit and makes it feel a bit more polished, but still casual enough that I can wear it outside of work.”

Alice wears the Ronda top in ice blue with her own white jeans, jean jacket, and sneakers.

Alice’s On Duty Look #2: Susan dress + Sant Ambroeus jardigan + Single Bezel necklace

Alice wears the Susan dress in savannah, the Sant Ambroeus jardigan in black, and the Single Bezel necklace.

Pauline: “This dress seems like it was made for Alice: It has a simple, relaxed fit that floats away from the body. I like that the slit balances the longer length—you can see some leg, but it’s not too revealing. I added the cropped version of our jardigan because the shorter length doesn’t compete with the longer hem of the dress (and it also doesn’t cover up the pockets!).”

Alice: “I love the Susan because it’s tailored but not tight. The sash can be tied in a loose knot so that you get definition at the waist without feeling restricted. This outfit is so easy: I just pulled on the dress and jardigan and was ready in minutes. I would wear this look on a day when I was giving a presentation or going to a more formal event.”

Alice’s Off Duty Look #2: Susan dress + Double Ring belt + jean jacket + sneakers

Alice wears the Susan dress in savannah, the Double Ring belt, and her own jean jacket and sneakers.

Pauline: “For this look, I swapped out the sash of the Susan for the Double Ring belt to make the dress more casual. I think there’s a misconception that your belt needs to match your shoes, and for this look, I wanted to show that you don’t always have to be perfectly matched—Alice’s white sneakers pop nicely against the darker tones.”

Alice: “This is my ideal weekend uniform: a relaxed dress, easy layer, and white sneakers. I like that I can dress down the Susan with pieces I already own (my jean jacket and shoes) and it still looks so put-together.”

Feeling inspired by Alice? Our new floral collection, The Wild Card, also transitions seamlessly from on duty to off duty. Build your own bouquet here.

Photographs by Kelsey Ann Rose.

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