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On Duty/Off Duty: Getting the Most Out of Your MM, Part 1

July 27, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

We’re officially in the height of summer: The days are longer, social calendars are fuller, and there are no shortage of fun things to do after work (rain or shine—though lately in New York, there’s been way more rain than shine). It’s in that spirit that we created our new “On Duty/Off Duty” series, styled by our own Pauline Odedina, to show how our team members are taking their professional wardrobes beyond Monday through Friday—because it’s important for work clothes to fit in with the rest of your life, too. Below, Pauline styles team member Jackie for Part I.

Jackie’s On Duty Look #1: Suzanne dressAccent belt

work clothes for the weekend

Jackie wears the Suzanne dress in morse code and the Accent belt in sand dune.

Pauline: “Jackie has an easy, sporty style—she looks cool without even trying. The Suzanne dress is a great piece for her because it’s not fussy: The fabric is breathable, and the print is interesting without feeling busy. I swapped out the sash at the waist for a thin accent belt, which creates a bit more definition.” 

Jackie: “My style is minimalist: I wear a lot of neutrals and keep my accessories simple. I don’t typically wear prints, so the morse code pattern pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit. I like that the pattern is subtle, but still adds interest to the dress.”

Jackie’s Off Duty Look #1: Suzanne dress + jeans + white tee

work clothes for the weekend

Jackie wears the Suzanne dress in morse code with her own white tee and jeans.

Pauline: “When I first saw the Suzanne, I thought it was a jacket rather than a dress. This outfit is so easy and intuitive: jeans, a basic tee, and neutral shoes. Jackie looks put together, but like she didn’t try hard this morning, which I love.”

Jackie: “I tend to wear multiple layers, so I love the Suzanne as a jacket. I’m usually on the go on weekends (I love to go home to visit my family in New Jersey), and this outfit will be great for travel, especially on over-air-conditioned trains.” 

Jackie’s On Duty Look #2: Woolf jardigan + Didion top + Harlem skirt

work clothes for the weekend

Jackie wears the Harlem skirt and Woolf jardigan in black with the Didion top in wildflowers.

Pauline: “Jackie is on the taller side, and being a tall gal myself, I knew the Harlem skirt would be a great option for her. It’s one of our longer styles, and the fabric is super stretchy. Pairing it with the Woolf jardigan makes a full suit, and the floral print of the Didion top adds a bit of summer-appropriate color.”

Jackie: “Our knit pieces are so comfortable. You don’t have to worry about zippers or anything feeling too constricting. I feel like I look important—I’m wearing a suit!—but not like I’m in a straitjacket. The floral top underneath the jardigan also helps to make the black-on-black look a bit less severe.”

Jackie’s Off Duty Look #2: Harlem skirt + white tee + sneakers

work clothes for the weekend

Jackie wears the Harlem skirt in black with her own white tee and sneakers.

Pauline: “For this look, I styled the Harlem skirt my favorite way: with a T-shirt (tucked in, of course). Wearing it with sneakers gives the look a bit of edge, and Jackie can also add a relaxed layer on top, like the Ono cardigan, to make the outfit feel more sporty.”

Jackie: “I love that I can wear the Harlem skirt with sneakers and it looks totally normal—not like I’m on my way to work and changing into heels as soon as I get there. Since the skirt is stretchy, it’s comfortable to walk around in. I’m planning to wear this outfit out and about over the weekend, or even for a casual Friday in the office.”

work clothes for the weekend

Jackie wears the Harlem skirt and the Ono cardigan in black with her own white tee and sneakers.

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Photographs by Kelsey Ann Rose.

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