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The Weekly Wind-Down: Ice Cream, Email Etiquette, and Uniform Dressing

July 17, 2015

As far as fake holidays go, National Ice Cream Day is one of the best. On Sunday, we will work our way through this definitive bucket list; and until then, we’ll click whatever links we stumble upon. So without further ado…

A fascinating read about long-lost identical twins (x2).

Be honest. Do you commit these email sins?

Everyone’s talking about Caitlyn’s moving speech.

Obsessed with this fake magazine.

Inside Obama’s stealth startup.

One versatile dress—three elegant looks.

Will you read this controversial novel?

An easy summer work skirt.

How to ace your next job interview.

Lena Dunham wants to send you email.

An ELLE editor’s ode to uniform dressing.

Did you / would you keep your maiden name?

GIF of the Week

Weekend plans.

Ready for more? Read last week’s Wind-Down, and have a relaxing weekend.

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