Summer-to-Fall Style Guide

From unpredictable weather to changing work schedules, it’s a weird time of year to get dressed. Luckily, we have plenty of pieces that offer flexibility for uncertain temperatures and ambiguous dress codes (think: Power Casual essentials and formal suiting). Scroll to see the style guide.

The Soyoung T-Shirt — for Now

In late summer temperatures, balance shorts with a sleeved top and bright colors with black.


The Soyoung T-Shirt — for Later

Come fall, embrace a full suiting look, and use purple jasper as a cheerful underpinning.


The Emily Dress — for Now

You might not need to layer quite yet, but you can start to lean into autumnal colors.


The Emily Dress — for Later

Keep wearing your favorite dress, but layer and cover up with a jacket, tights, and booties.


The Mejia Pant — for Now

Prioritize machine-washable pieces from head to toe while it's still hot (read: sweaty).


The Mejia Pant — for Later

Once cooler weather appears, luxe wools and knits will be your best friends once again.


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