“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in this sport is how to get back up. You can lose or not accomplish a goal, but to continue to chase and put forth goals is really important. No matter how many times you fall down, always get back up.”

—BATOULY CAMARA, M.S., Author, FIBA Professional Basketball Player, & Founder of WAKE

“Supporting the WNBA is important to me because I’m a woman, and right now, our rights as women are being attacked. It is so important that we band together and fight for what our ancestors fought for so many years ago.”

—TIFFANY JOY MURCHSION, Founder, CEO, Multicultural Media Strategist, TJM & Co Media Boutique

KEIA CLARKE, CEO of the New York Liberty

“When my niece was little, I took her to her first-ever game. It made such an impact on her that she took up basketball and is now the starting guard for her traveling team. Seeing how that’s changed her life is pretty cool. I also see WNBA players as incredible role models. They show how, with hard work, you can overcome all sorts of challenges.”

—STEPHANIE DIPIETRO, Principal Attorney at Law Office of Stephanie DiPietro, P.C.

“[The WNBA] offers a space for aspiring young athletes to see themselves reflected on the court. I also feel like the WNBA is a space for activism, and I really appreciate that, especially in my work.”

—SAMRA GHERMAY, Director of Development & Communications, Sadie Nash Leadership Project

“Sports have taught me to think about how teams work together. You can have a team that, on paper, has all the skills needed and superstar players, but when you get them on the court, it doesn’t work. When we’re thinking about building high-performing teams for our business, we need to think about how people fit together.”

—MARIBETH GAINARD, Chief Human Resources Officer at BSE Global

Left: CATHERINE CARLSON, Executive Vice President, Global Partnerships at BSE Global
Right: KEIA COLE, Chief Digital Officer, BSE Global
Keia is wearing sneakers by Saysh.

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