The “Woman with an Idea” by Lena Yokoyama

Return Policy: This item cannot be returned.
Color: Multicolor

After seeing the M.M.LaFleur icon, Lena was drawn to its Matisse-like approach and the way it hints at the female form through an abstract and bold yet elegant shape. This encouraged her to play with a combination of shapes, forms, and lines. She was also inspired by M.M.’s empowering clothing and strove to reflect its energy in her female form. Her experiments led her to produce a three-color screen print with multiple hand-painted and overlapping layers, resulting in this magical, starry-night scene.

Screen print on Lambeth Cartridge, 280gsm. Artwork size: 40x50cm. Paper size: 43x53cm. 

100% of the proceeds from this one-of-a-kind piece will benefit Women for Refugee Women.

About the Artist

Lena Yokoyama is a Japanese/Austrian illustrator and printmaker based in London. She is part of Isshoo Collective, runs her own Riso press, and is represented by the amazing Grand Matter agency. Lena’s work highlights diversity in a playful, colorful, and optimistic way, inspired by her own experience of growing up in a multicultural environment. Her artworks, created through a mix of painting, printmaking, and digital techniques, feature a variety of characters and curious personalities that emerge from a process of combining incidental shapes with considered lines, color, and texture.

More One-of-a-Kind Artwork

In honor of our ten-year anniversary, we commissioned seven artists to create their own interpretation of the M.M.LaFleur icon, which represents a woman with an idea. 100% of the proceeds from these works will benefit social-impact organizations selected by each artist.