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On Duty/Off Duty: Getting the Most Out of Your MM, Part 3

August 16, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

We’re back with Part 3 of our On Duty/Off Duty series (be sure to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2), where we’re showing how to get the most use out of MM pieces by styling them both formally and casually. Next up: Pauline puts together a few looks for one of our stylists, Taylor.

Taylor’s On Duty Look #1: Lydia dress + Angelou shawl + Crossover belt + Bezel earrings

dark neutrals and leather for work and the weekend

Taylor wears the Lydia dress in cinder, the Angelou shawl in shadow gray, the Crossover belt in hickory, and the Bezel earrings.

Pauline: “Taylor likes to keep things simple, so I wanted this look to be an easy go-to for her. Since these pieces are in the same color family, she can wear them together without worrying about anything clashing. Taylor wears a lot of black, but I used different shades of gray here to add more dimension—I like that the heathered cashmere of the Angelou shawl looks as cozy as it feels. She’s also petite, and petites can sometimes be afraid of the Angelou because of all the fabric. I wanted to show that if you belt the shawl, it adds definition so the waist doesn’t get lost. For the belt, I used the hickory color—this kind of rich brown is a neutral you can use as often as black

Taylor: “I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love this outfit—thanks, Pauline! The Lydia is one of my favorite dresses, and I do like belting it, but the Angelou isn’t a layer I normally reach for. I’m never quite sure what to do with all that cashmere, but when it’s belted, it stays in place and you don’t have to worry about it. I usually go for black accessories, but the brown belt nicely warms up the gray tones of the outfit.”

Taylor’s Off Duty Look #1: Lydia dress + leather jacket + leather boots + Bezel earrings

dark neutrals and leather for work and the weekend

Taylor wears the Lydia dress in cinder, the Bezel earrings, and her own leather jacket and boots.

Pauline: “I wanted to give Taylor a few outfits she can wear with her leather jacket, because she loves that thing. This look is simple: a dress plus her jacket and booties. The Lydia is one of our more formal dresses, but I wanted to show that it’s versatile enough to be paired with leather pieces for a casual look. And boots shouldn’t just be reserved for cold seasons—they add just the right amount of edge to this outfit.”

Taylor: “I wear these booties all the time in the fall, and now I plan to get even more use out of them in the warmer months. I love that I can throw my leather jacket over the Lydia and it becomes a chic, cool, not-in-the-office-anymore outfit. Between the boots, the ponytail, and the red lip, this look is casual enough to wear out to a bar.”

Taylor’s On Duty Look #2: Peggy top + Woolf jardigan + Oshima pant + Bezel earrings

dark neutrals and leather for work and the weekend

Taylor wears the Peggy top in ivory, the Woolf jardigan in navy, the Oshima pant in dark navy, and the Bezel earrings.

Pauline: “Taylor is classic and edgy at the same time, and she isn’t afraid to take risks. This outfit is a suiting option for when she needs a more formal look, but I wanted to make sure it still had a little edge. The blue tones of the jardigan and the pants don’t completely match, so they make a cool, monochrome-but-not-monotone suit. The pants have a cropped hem, so they’re great on Taylor’s petite frame. The Woolf is our longer jardigan, and it balances her out nicely without cutting off her leg line.”

Taylor: “The Peggy top is so good. It works with absolutely everything, and I love that it has snaps to keep your bra straps from showing. It works great as a base layer for a suit, like I have here with the Oshima pant and Woolf jardigan. The Oshima are my favorite pants (I have them in four colors) because they don’t lose their shape throughout the day. They also have a seam down the back that’s almost subtly sexy—I think that feature is underrated.”

Taylor’s Off Duty Look #2: Peggy top + Soho skirt + leather jacket + Bezel earrings

dark neutrals and leather for work and the weekend

Taylor wears the Peggy top in ivory, the Soho skirt in black, the Bezel earrings, and her own leather jacket.

Pauline: “For this outfit, I wanted Taylor to look like she was just hanging out after work, but still feel put together. I know she likes things that are cozy and hug the body without feeling too tight, so the Soho skirt is a great option for her. She can wear it with the Peggy top tucked in during the day, and add her leather jacket when she leaves the office for the night.

Taylor: “This look is so me—I would totally wear it to a concert after work. The Soho is one of my favorite pieces because you can pair it with so many different things. A lot of my customers think you have to wear it with the matching top, but it looks just as good with a graphic T-shirt and sneakers for the weekend.”

Feeling inspired by Taylor? Our new floral collection, The Wild Card, also transitions seamlessly from on to off duty. Build your own bouquet here.

Photographs by Kelsey Ann Rose.

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