Our Story

Sarah LaFleur was your typical woman in finance whose closet was packed with blah-feeling pantsuits. Back then, she dreamed of a more inspired wardrobe for herself and all professional women. When she launched MM.LaFleur in 2013, she made it her mission to put the fun (and the ease) back into the ritual of dressing for work—and to rethink the shopping process altogether.

Sarah joined forces with luxury designer Miyako Nakamura, former head designer of Zac Posen, and Narie Foster, former consulting colleague, and set out to fill the void. Together, they help today’s professional woman build a wardrobe full of gorgeous, versatile pieces that reflect both her personal style (sophisticated silhouettes, ingenious design details) and her dynamic lifestyle (machine-washable, travel-friendly).

As MM grows, its ethos remains the same: to make the purposeful woman look and feel beautiful, without having to work too hard at it.

The MM.LaFleur Founders

Sarah LaFleur
Founder & CEO

Before launching and diving headfirst into all things MM, Sarah worked in management consulting and private equity. She is passionate about producing luxury-quality, office-appropriate clothing at an accessible price point, and she jumps at the opportunity to work with time-tested Italian fabrics and innovative new materials from her native Japan.

Miyako Nakamura
Creative Director & Co-Founder

Miyako, former head designer of Zac Posen, is the creative mastermind behind MM. A high-fashion sensibility informs each of her designs, but she knows how to keep it real with features tailored to the lives of professional women: never-too-low necklines, slimming sleeves, useful pockets, and lingerie loops to hide runaway bra straps. Miyako has held senior roles at Jason Wu and Theory and is an Ecco Domani finalist.

Narie Foster
COO & Co-Founder

Formerly a systems engineer and management consultant, Narie is responsible for operations and, well, systems. She was raised by scientists who served math problems with dinner. Imagine their surprise when she announced that she was “going into fashion.” No one’s surprised anymore: she’s proof positive that operations can be downright stylish.

Along with our brilliant team, we are creating a new normal for professional women’s style. Along the way, we take our work—but never ourselves—seriously.

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