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The Making of an Heirloom

Our Interweave pieces were crafted in Japan by a company called Yonetomi, which specializes in luxurious knitwear. Unlike most manufacturers, Yonetomi has an entire division dedicated to developing specialty knits to fulfill each designer’s vision—after Miyako and her team finalized the design of these garments, the Yonetomi team worked for another six months to perfect the fabric and construction. No detail was overlooked, and the result is a truly special assortment of pieces that you’ll want to wear forever.

“The inspiration for our Interweave pieces came from Anni Albers’s pictorial weaving. One thing that sets them apart is the intricate, unique stitch patterns we incorporated as a nod to Albers’s art. Throughout the design process, our aim was to take a piece of art and turn it into everyday clothing—something that merged meticulous craftsmanship with functionality and comfort. From the care they put into knit-down development to their incredible attention to detail, Yonetomi was the perfect partner to bring this vision to life.”


Okay, But How Does it Feel?

We really wish there were a tactile version of smell-o-vision, because it’s difficult to convey in a photograph just how incredibly comfortable these pieces are. They’re constructed from a series of knit panels, which means they’re super stretchy, highly wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight enough for year-round wear. Trust us: Once you put your Interweave garment on, you won’t want to take it off.

We Sweat the Details

You can call us perfectionists, but we prefer the term detail-oriented. Here are a few of the little things that set our Interweave pieces apart from the crowd:

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