The “She Believed” by Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

Return Policy: This item cannot be returned.
Color: Multicolor

At first glance of the icon, Lanecia was drawn to the bold shape, the sleek black, the clear confidence the abstract woman exudes, as well as the energy of the star beside it. Many of the women she admires in her life and throughout history postured themselves in this boldness in order to turn their ideas and dreams—sometimes with limited resources—into a living reality. In addition to her normal creative process, she let boldness and breaking through barriers be her guide. The base of this piece is made from a discarded book cover, which symbolizes how having limited resources can lead to ingenuity.

Acrylic, paper, found images, and 23k gold leaf mounted on acid-free matboard in an 11” x 14” minimalist white wood frame.

100% of the proceeds from this one-of-a-kind piece will benefit The Women’s Home in Houston.

About the Artist

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley is a multidisciplinary artist who splits time between Houston, TX, and Richmond, VA. Her portfolio includes a range of mixed media collage, abstract painting, photography, teaching, writing, speaking, and curatorial projects for various non-profit organizations. She is a Co-founding Creative Director for the ImagiNoir Equity Group, an international alliance, community development, and equity group of black activists, artists, writers, scholars, philanthropists, and educators. In addition, she is the Director of Justice and the Arts with projectCURATE. She is also a member of the Curation Team for the Lanecia Rouse Tinsley Gallery of Holy Family HTX Episcopal Church.

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