The Lea Sweater - Plush Cashmere

Color: Stormcloud
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Model is 5'8" and wearing a size S, which falls approximately 26" from shoulder to hem.

  • Fit: Looser Fitting
  • Body Type: Bust-friendly, Maternity-friendly, Middle-friendly
  • Sleeve length: Long Sleeve
  • Neckline: Turtle

Not all cashmere is created equal—and plush cashmere is the best of the best. Made from an ultra-heavy gauge, it’s incredibly rich and so soft you could melt. The oversized Lea sweater features a drop shoulder, rounded sleeve, and tunic length. Note the special gradient stitch at the cuff, which creates a slim fit through the wrist and adds dimension to the sleeve. Like a fine wine, your cashmere will improve overtime if properly cared for. Limit trips to the dry cleaner, treat it gently, and brush off pills with a cashmere comb.

  • 100% Cashmere

  • Note: We're pleased to report that after extensive testing, we have deemed this piece hand-washable with delicate detergent! Because we printed the care labels before this additional testing, the tag on your garment will say that it should only be dry cleaned—you can disregard this. If you have any questions about how best to care for your garments, please reach out to us at To give your knits a long lasting life, please make sure to fold your pieces rather than putting them on a hanger.

What makes plush cashmere so special?

Not all cashmere is created equal, and plush cashmere is the best of the best. To create this material, we used a large quantity of extremely fine cashmere yarn, which results in a warm, fuzzy, and incredibly soft feel. Think of it this way: If cashmere is the champagne of sweater materials, plush cashmere is some fancy French bottle whose name we can't even pronounce.

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